Rockford's School Board Returns to Full Capacity

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Rockford's school board is again at full capacity. After weeks of applications, interviews and speculation, the board tonight announces the replacement for the vacant seat left by Karol Hammond.

The school board applicants ranged from educators to home remodelers, but in the end, it was mechanical engineer Christina Ostergard, who got the nod to take over in Rockford’s sub-District B

Ostergard was selected out of a pool of eight applicants who were qualified to run, and introduced at Tuesday night’s board meeting. Ostergard replaces board member Karol Hammond, who stepped down on September second after public criticism of poor attendance.

The 29-year-old who does not have any children, has a neighbor and mother-in-law in the district. Ostergard says she was inspired to join the school board since she's a mentor of a student at the Barber Language Academy. The newest member promises to be thorough and neutral with every decision that will come before on the board. But right now, she's both thrilled, and relieved the process is over.

"I think it's a big relief. The strain of not knowing was the biggest stress the last week. After our interviews, we really didn't hear much, so it's just a relief and now we can get to business and fulfill the vacant position on the school board," Ostergard said.

Ostergard will be sworn in at the Oct. 25 school board meeting. And though she's about to join to board, Ostergard says she's unsure if she'll run again when her term expires in 2007.