Prostitution: Too Close To Stop

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The problems on 11th Street aren't going away. We know that because you've told us through your e-mails and calls. Now parents are concerned their kids are getting a lesson in life they're not ready for.

What elementary school kids getting on and off the bus will see has become quite a concern for these mothers. Vanessa Rowell from Rockford says, ‘the prostitution is bad, someone just got murdered a couple houses down from the bus stop. It's ridiculous."

Vanessa Rowell and Nichole Reyes both try to shield their children from the many sexually explicit activities that go on at the corner of 8th Street and 12th Avenue. These two mothers are looking for a new and safe location for their children to get picked up and dropped off from school.

Nichole Reyes says, "He's at the age where he's asking questions and it's not a good thing for a child to see."

Often times bus stops are moved due to prostitution, drug activities or sexual predators. Here in this community at 8th Street and 12th Avenue prostitution is the problem so parents are banning together to make sure the stop is moved. Parents hope to have the stop changed to 8th Street and 11th Avenue. Rowell says, "The next block over is pretty quiet. But I'm not sure they may move down there when we move."

Gregg Wilson is the Transportation Director for the Rockford Public School District. Wilson says a move can happen as long as all parents accept a new stop. Wilson says, "Our problem is we don't live in that area so we ask the parents where they would like it to be and as long as they agree we'll move it."

Exactly the answer these parents were looking for since it's a parents responsibility to look out for what’s best for their child.

Neighbors around this area are also expressing concern. One resident has decided to start a Neighborhood Watch Group. The first meeting is tomorrow night at 1125 8th Street at 6 p.m.