A New "Lifestyle Center" for Rockford

What is now a quiet field at the corner of Perryville and Rote will soon be bustling with bulldozers. And shortly after that it will be bustling with buyers. A 325,000 square foot development called "The Streets of Rockford" will be a source for tens of thousands of people to get their shopping done.

The layout of the facility is what will make it unique. Lifestyle centers are open air malls. But not like the sterile strip malls you may be thinking of. They are designed to resemble the quaint downtown shopping districts of the past in small town America.

So instead of being confined in a mega mall on a beautiful day shoppers can enjoy the outdoors. But in the Midwest the outdoors can sometimes be, not so beautifully. This is just one of the reasons that the Marketing Director of Cherry Vale Mall isn't too worried about the Lifestyle center seriously dipping into the number of customers coming through. During the harsh winter and sticky summer she believes customers will welcome the climate controlled mall.

With different things to offer both the Cherry Vale Mall and the soon to be Streets of Rockford are hopping to make Rockford the place to go shopping.