A New Connection To Serve You Better

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Well a relatively new service offered by Winnebago County might ease our frustration.

You're guaranteed to know that a friendly voice is on the other end at Win-CART. Win-CART is short for Winnebago County Action Response Team. At the site, volunteers could be your missing link.

Win-CART volunteer Roger Taylor says, "Many people are not sure of who to call and so it's nice to help them out."

Deputy Administrator Earl Dotson, Jr. tells 23 News, “I know I get frustrated when I have to wait and be transferred from one person to another. So people are appreciative that we give then one phone number and it gets then where they need to go.”

On average this referral line receives about 100 calls a day. In the last month, 824 callers had questions about the Circuit Clerks Office. 219 calls came in about the County Clerks Office and 144 were just general questions that don't fit into one of these categories. Each call is documented so records can reflect call volume and problem areas. The Winnebago County Administration building can be tricky so instead of taking this building on yourself Win-CART could be your 1st stop."

Win-CART has set up shop in the administration building and acts as a welcome committee when you walk in the door. And this is just the beginning there are even more services Win-CART would like to provide.

Dotson says, "We want to expand our hours if necessary and be able to connect people when they call us not give them the number but connect them to the number right away."

Win-CART provides a voice behind a number where people are ready and waiting to serve you.

Win-CART has a very easy number for us to remember, 987-3000. The phones are manned Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.