William Buck Murder Trial

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Jury selection in the murder trial of suspected cop killer William Buck began in Lake County, where the defense hopes to find a neutral jury.

Judge Joe McGraw set the ground rules from the onset that he was not going to allow any more delays in this case.

McGraw heard early motions by Buck that the charges against him should be dismissed. Buck stated that the delay of 17 months to have his case heard deprived him of his constitutional rights to a speedy trial. That motion was then denied.

Buck is accused of murdering Rockford police officer Kevin Rice on Aug. 3, 2001.

Jury selection began as the judge read the three murder counts against the defendant, and notified potential jurors that this case involved a murdered Rockford police officer, and that the state was seeking the death penalty.

The judge then handed jurors a 15-page questionnaire that will help attorneys narrow the pool of possible jurors.

Selection of the jury isn't expected to start until Monday when attorneys will start questioning prospective jurors individually. That process is expected to take several weeks.

One juror has already been dismissed because of his affiliation with one of the defense attorneys.