A Public Meeting in Belvidere

Boone County residents are voicing their concern, which is what the meeting in Belvidere was all about. Up until Wednesday night Belvidere and Boone county officials only had a somewhat generic plan for developing a large portion of land south of I-90. Now local officials want to create a more detailed plan. For that they turned to the residents of Boone Co.

Some of the biggest concerns at the meeting included when any possible construction could start, and just how it will affect the quality of life of neighboring residents.

One of the most important topics was the possibility of bringing Metra service to Belvidere. Not only would it allow for easy access for locals to the big city, but it could also bring Chicagoans into Boone County. That prospect would have a substantial impact on the local economy. Project Director Mike Slavney says the meeting’s turn out of almost 100 people shows that the community is excited.