Local Teen Gets Perfect Score on ACT Test

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For the graduating class of 2002, the average composite ACT score for the nation was 20.8, and for Illinois' students it was 20.1, leaving our state's average slightly below the national average, but that could change this year thanks to one local teen scoring a perfect 36.

Parvinder Thiara is one of only six high school students in Illinois to score a 36 on the October 2002 administration of the ACT assessment test, and one of 58 in the nation.

Parvinder did miss one question, but with the test's scoring curve he still receives a perfect score. Parvinder says his score won't stop him from working hard. "I really try to still push myself. I love reading. But, the 36, it's in the past. I have to go forward and still try to be the best."

Parvinder's mother, Sonia Thiara, recognizes her son's lust for perfection and was excited that he made the grade. "I was very happy for him. That's all I could think of. Oh, my God, Thank God he got a 36."

Now that the ACT test is behind him, Parvinder can concentrate on his next educational move. He says he wants to be a physician and has already applied to 14 schools. Now, all he has to do is wait until the acceptance letters roll in.