Mount Morris Kidney Donor Trying to Save More Lives

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The Mount Morris man who donated his kidney to a four-year-old little girl has been busy this past week. He's working on saving more lives.

David Harper says he's learned a lot about organ donations over the past few months. But one thing in particular disturbed him and it's that one thing he's trying to change.

It's been a little over a week since David Harper donated his kidney to four-year-old Angela Rushford. He's just beginning to recover and already he's mapped out a plan to help more people get organ donations. "If this brings attention to one person and they change their mind about organ donations, then that's what it was all about."

Harper and Angela's dad, Tony, have join together in creating the Angela Rushford children's organ donation fund. Harper says the idea came about after he heard something at the hospital. "If a family has insurance or Medicaid they'll be kept on the list, but if they lose either they're kicked off and I don't think that's fair."

The details of the fund will be released at a press conference next week, so without giving away too much information, Harper explains how it would help families without insurance or Medicaid. "We would pay for the transplant, but I don't think I should say much more than that."

Harper says he and the Rushford's are family now and he's planning on being a special part of Angela's life. "I want to watch over Angela now. I feel like her protector, her angel if you will because I was there to save her and I have a vested interest."