$175,637 Federal Grant Awarded to Emergency Food and Shelter Programs in Winnebago County

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Several organizations in Winnebago County will share a federal grant totaling $175,637 designated for local emergency food and shelter programs.

The grant was allocated through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for non-profit and governmental agencies to supplement programs that help hungry and homeless people. The program’s local agent, United Way of Rock River Valley, is administering funding and reporting of the EFSP grant. A local board, whose membership composition is mandated through federal guidelines, recommended distribution of the grant.

This year several programs in Winnebago County will benefit from the award. Funds available this year are less than the previous years and are based on the local unemployment census. Allocation of the grant is as follows:


Lifescape Community Services, Inc. - Mobile Meals - $32,500
St. Elizabeth Community Center - Food Pantry - $7,387
The Rock River Valley Pantry - Food Pantry - $13,191
The Salvation Army - Food Pantry - $5,276
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Rockford - Hotel/Lodging - $2,500
Rockford Rescue Mission - Mass Shelter - $13,280
City of Rockford Human Services - Hotel Lodging - $6,640
Remedies Renewing Lives - Mass Shelter - $36,520
Rockford MELD - Mass Shelter - $19,920
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Rockford - Rent/Mortgage - $13,500
The Salvation Army - Utilities - $14,000
Rockford Life Center - Food Pantry - $7,411
United Way of Rock River Valley - Administration - $3,512

Last year, the EFSP grant to Winnebago County totaled $201,084. Local agencies used the funds to provide 16,600 home delivered meals, food pantry items to 79,313 individuals, utility assistance for 218 individuals and 6,519 nights of emergency lodging.

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