Names Released in Foiled Bank Robbery Killing

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The man shot and killed while attempting to rob a bank on Rockford’s southside has an extensive criminal record and has served jail time. Police have identified the man as 46-year-old Paul Hackbarth of Rockford. While the investigation into the shooting of Hackbarth continues, it's given police new leads on other robberies.

Paul Hackbarth was just released from the state penitentiary on Nov. 26, 2002 and police say he could be responsible for at least four other armed robberies in less than two months.

Gunned down by officer Kenneth Farmer at the U.S. Bank on Tuesday afternoon, Paul Hackbarth is no stranger to local law enforcement. Hackbarth spent about 13 months in prison for forgery. And his recent deadly robbery attempt has police looking into other commercial robberies.

Police say 30-year-old Kenneth Farmer is the off-duty police officer who shot Hackbarth, while working as a security guard at the bank. Chief Pugh says the ongoing grand jury investigation prevents Farmer from talking with media, but say he's doing well.

Chief Pugh says dozens of his officers moonlight as security guards with department approve and the chief fully supports their presence in the community, saying he did the same thing when he was a patrol officer.

Chief Pugh says he thinks officer Farmer will be back on the job soon. Farmer is has been with the department since March of 2000.