Smart Women Smart Money

Nine out of ten women will be solely responsible for their finances in their lives at some point in time. For this reason and many more, hundreds of local women came together for Rockford’s first "Smart Women, Smarty Money" conference Thursday evening.
The conference has been touring the state for the last few months. Each conference is different, some catering to specific ethnic backgrounds. Among other things, Thursday's gathering dealt with the growing problem of identity theft.

23 News' very own smart woman, Mimi Murphy was the master of ceremonies at the event.

The meeting was designed to give women the tools they need to succeed financially. Multiple successful business women spoke about financial strategies for and women and how to balance the duties of growing a business while raising a family. The keynote speaker Illinois State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka explained to me why it is so important for women to have control of their own finances.

Smart Women Smart Money will have its annual conference Monday November 7 in Chicago.

For more info call 217-557-0885 or visit the website at under money management for women.