Tipper Gore Visits Rockford

"I was diagnosed with clinical depression," Tipper Gore told the story of her journey with clinical depression to an audience of several hundred at Giovanni's Thursday night.

Gore became depressed after someone hit her son with a car outside a baseball game. He spent a month in the hospital. But it wasn't until she spoke to students at Columbine High school that Gore decided to go public with her personal story.

"I asked, how many of you know someone who considered suicide? Half raised their hands." Gore’s experience dealing with depression started in childhood.

"My mother had depression, and back then people did not speak about it outside the family." Now that is one of Gore's main goals, to release the stigma that is associated with mental illness.

"I didn't talk to anyone because of the stigma." One in five Americans suffer from a mental disorder. And Gore is a prime example that there's hope for recovery for all of them.