Greater Rockford Airport Again Hosts Traveling Servicemen And Women

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After leaving from their port in California, dozens of navy sailors arrived this afternoon, just hours before leaving to serve overseas. Nearly 100 naval sailors in a naval mobile construction battalion landed at RFD at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The sailors will spend six months in southwest Asia supporting coalition troops with military construction. In their brief stop, the sailors phoned home loved ones as well as chowing down on hot dogs and snacks.

For many of the sailors, this will be their 2nd and 3rd deployment overseas and while their morale is high, the sailors are thankful for the patriotic Stateline hospitality.

"It was certainly an emotional farewell last night as we all boarded up on buses and took off, so it's nice to call and make sure everyone is safe and sound. We've kind of gotten over "mom and dad we are being deployed," so this is good, a good time," sailor Scott Higgins said.

The plane left RFD at 5 p.m. Tuesday. The sailors flew on a Ryan International Boeing 757.