School Chief Dumped

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The Rockford School Board votes against offering Superintendent Dr. Alan Brown a new contract.

It was a narrow decision; the board has held several closed door meetings to discuss the matter. And tonight the board voted four to three against a new contract.

With those words the fate of Rockford School Superintendent Dr. Alan Brown is decided, he will not be offered a new contract.

"I'm disappointed. I think the district was moving in the right direction and I think a large part of that was Dr. Brown's leadership."

Under Dr. Brown the district has been able to pass four consecutive school referendums. But there have been problems, test score scandals, social promotions and budget woes.

"We can go to student achievement, we can go to lack of leadership - just an unsatisfactory evaluation to be quite honest."

Dr. Brown's contract is not set to expire until this summer and he is still optimistic.

"Right now I'm still superintendent and there is still a lot of work to be done. I fully expect to carry out the various things we have going on."

Now it is important to note that five of the seven board members are up for re-election in April. And with such a narrow vote tonight, if there are just a few changes, Dr. Brown could have a chance of getting a new contract.