Helping Hay For Katrina Victims

Everyone has heard about the suffering caused by hurricane Katrina, but few realized what the storm has done to livestock in the gulf coast.

Farms in Mississippi are so devastated; there is no feed for the livestock. The North West Illinois Forage and grassland council is trying to change that. They are taking donated hay, throwing it on a truck and shipping it to Raymond Mississippi.

Donations will be taken at the Stephenson co fair grounds in Freeport, and the green county fair grounds in Monroe, on Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon. The group will be taking any size at those locations.

This is the same group who shipped trucks of hay westward to drought stricken plains states three years ago. That shortage was gradual; livestock in Mississippi today saw a much quicker shortage.

Another valid comparison is that of Stateline farmers to those in Mississippi. Three out of four local hay cuttings have suffered in the Stateline; so many local farmers are seeing small harvest this year. But those on the gulf coast have almost nothing.

If you would like to donate hay, a truck for shipping, or money to pay for gas you can call 815-751-8958 or 815-238-8372.