Double Murder in Freeport

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A mother and daughter are brutally murdered in Freeport and a family member's boyfriend is arrested and charged with the crime.
Around 8:30 Sunday morning, a Freeport police officer was investigating a routine call near South Oak Avenue.
"A woman came running down the street asking for his help, and she made some claims that her boyfriend had killed her mother and her sister," says Freeport Police Deputy Chief Robert Smith.
Neighbors say the woman's name is Jenna. Her mother and sister are 47-year old Louie Rose and 18-year old Josie Pena. Police found Louie Rose's body inside Jenna's boyfriend Melvin Parks' apartment in the 1100 block of South Oak. Parks is now in police custody, charged with two counts of first degree homicide.
Shocked neighbors say the crime doesn't fit what they knew of the man next door.
"He would come in and out and if they were out there it was a hey and I mean he was always pretty decent, never, never any problems over there," says Amy Amodeo, the suspect's next-door neighbor.
Police found Josie Pena's body inside the trailer she shared with her mother at 212 Avenue B.
Investigators combed through both scenes all day and neighbors say they watched when police found two knives and a bat right across from the trailer.
Next-door neighbor Nancy Gill also says she saw Parks walking up the street with Jenna Sunday morning, carrying a large plastic bag. Police believe Parks was holding Jenna with him by force Sunday morning and that she is not an accomplice in her mother and sister's murders.
But Gill says, "No he wasn't forcing her. He wasn't even close to her to touch her or drag her."
Gill adds that her neighbors, Rose and Pena, were wrapped up in drugs and alcohol and that she called the police numerous times to report them.
"I knew something had to happen here because there's too much traffic here and too much going on," says Gill.
The exact cause of death is not yet known, but police say the victims were not shot. Police say there was a history of domestic violence with both the victims and the suspect.
Investigators say it's too early to speculate on a motive. But Nancy Gill says her neighbors told her Josie Pena just received a large sum of many when she turned 18, to repay damages from a childhood accident. Gill believes Parks may have been motivated to get a hold of that money.

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