Riverview Cemetery Damage

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At some point during the week of July 21, the Riverview Cemetery off of Route 2 in Oregon was burglarized.

"Numerous gravemarkers knocked over and damaged...and spray painting to the cemetery sign," says Ogle County Sheriff's Department Deputy Chief Greg Beitel

We counted at least a dozen tombstones on top of a small hill that were vandalized and monuments viciously broken and toppled over. The damage was reported by a citizen driving through the cemetery.

"We're not certain of the exact time span of when all the damage occurred, whether it was in one single incident, or whether it occurred on a number of occasions over several days or weeks," says Beitel.

Beitel says there have been incidents like this at Riverview in the past. Many of the desecrated tombstones are well over a century old. The estimated cost of damage is about $75,000.

"I can't imagine how it makes families feel to know one of their loved ones' gravemarkers has been desecrated. I suspect the people doing this really don't have a clue as to how this affects families and the expense of getting everything back to the way it should be," says Beitel.

A hideous crime at a place where people grieve and mourn the loss of their loved ones. The Ogle County Sheriff's Department needs our help finding the vandals. If you have any information about this crime contact the sheriff's department at 815-732-6666 or you can call the Ogle County Crimestoppers at 888-228-4488.