Golden Apple Nominations

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Giving a teacher an apple…it used to be a sign of a "brown-noser". Now it's a sign of excellence. Today, teachers all around the Stateline got a big apple and a big thank you.

It's all part of the Golden Apple Foundation's "Apple for the Teacher Day". Morning weatherman Aaron Wilson and Bryan Henry kicked off the seven-month long contest to find the best teachers in the Stateline.

Here's how it works. Students and their families nominate their favorite teachers. A panel then narrows the list to 20 finalists. Then after interviews, surveys and even classroom observations, the five winners are announced at the annual award banquet.

This years contest focuses on teachers Pre-K through Fifth Grade. If you would like to nominate a special teacher stop by any school in Winnebago or Boone Counties.

You can also click the image below to visit the website…