Rockford School Board Lawsuit

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The Winnebago County State's Attorney's office says the school board is not following state laws. The controversy surrounds the fact that all seven Rockford School district seats should be up for re-election in April. Currently applications are being accepted for only five positions.

Winnebago County State's Attorney filed a lawsuit, but it's not only against the Rockford School board. The lawsuit is also against the County Clerks office, the State Board of Elections, and the Rockford Board of Elections. Logli says the upcoming April 5th School Board election as it stands now is un-fair.

When the 2000 census was completed, the board's sub-districts changed. Logli sys after the census was reviewed and the districts were changed, every seat should have been up for re-election.

School Board members serve 4-year terms. When Jay Nellis and Nancy Kalchbrenner were elected, it should have only been for two years, instead of four. School Board President Mike Williams says the census data was not available in 2000 when a decision had to be made.

Logli says normally the States Attorney does not get involved. It was Regional School Superintendent Dr. Richard Fairgrieves who first brought the discrepancy to Logli's attention.

This lawsuit will likely extend the filing date as well as possibly push back the April election to a special election in November