Benefit for Billy Jones

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Police discovered 25-year-old Billy Jones dead in his apartment. His cousin Bradley Jones was named a suspect and taken into custody on Wednesday in Arizona. A Saturday night’s benefit, the Jones family was still shaken by this tragedy and had many unanswered questions.

On a night of profound sadness it was the constant joy the late Billy Jones brought to others that was remembered the most.

Father of the victim, Billy Jones says, "He was a real good family man and he loved his parents. He loved his cousin and he loved his daughter."

Raising money for Jones' baby daughter and the fiancé he left behind is the mission of Saturday night’s benefit at JD’s Sports Grill. Family members admit it's still a daily struggle with emotions especially with Jones' cousin Bradley in police custody as the lone suspect.

Family member Jason Jones stated, "Right now we're just trying to deal with the fact that he's gone and we're just making sure that everyone who did this that justice is served."

For now the family wants to honor the late Daimler Chrysler assembly worker who was labeled by loved ones as hardworking, generous and energetic.

Billy Jones says, "It really touched my heart to see so many people came out to see Billy and pay their respects."

While honoring Billy, the family hopes closure can be found and healing can begin.

Jason Jones tells 23 News, "That's all on our minds right now, why? Why Billy? We don't know yet. I can’t wait until this trial is over and everything is set.”

Bar managers say they hope to raise at least a thousand dollars.