Cab Drivers Plead for City to Increase Taxi Fare Rates

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You know gas prices are bad, when you drive by the gas station and you gas is only $2.69.

But no matter how far under three dollars we go, we're all feeling the pinch, especially those who rely on gas for their living. For cab drivers, it's so bad, that on Monday, some went to the city council looking for help.

The bosses for two Rockford cab companies asked the city to raise their start up fares to $2, and a $1.80 per mile. Right now, taxi drivers charge $1.50, plus $1.50 per mile. That rate hasn't changed in five years. Cab drivers argue gas prices doubled during that period, and believe a fare increase is entirely fair.

"I’ve had drivers quit, good drivers quit. They can't make a living, they can't afford to make a living, they can't afford to sit out on a slow day. They are making absolutely nothing and then they are putting all their money in the gas tank," Rockford Yellow Cab's Dale Mentz said.

The city committee is expected to vote on the plan in the next couple of weeks.
Some city aldermen are still unsure about raising Rockford taxi rates, and want the cabs properly inspected before possibly approving such a move.