Construction Workers and Heat

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Sweltering, sizzling, scorching, any adjective will fit. All of us have been trying to stay cool....especially construction workers.

"It's definitely getting trying...temperatures have been going up the past few days, especially this weekend. And into Monday, they're talking about quite high temperatures and humidity. It definitely gets hot, especially after the storms pass, heat jumps up as soon as sun comes out," says Dave Rindfleisch of Stenstrom General Contractors.

Today, we caught up with some workers from Stenstrom Contracting. They're building a new clinic facility for Rockford Orthopedic Associates, and Project Supervisor Dave Rindfleisch says everyone has been staying hydrated.

"All the trucks have a cooler with water and Gatorade," says Rindfleisch.

Although the drought conditions are causing problems for many of us, Rindfleisch says,
"It's actually helped us with it being dryer--without rain, it helps us get work done...but the heat has gotten so hot, and so early, we're not even into the dry and hot season of August."

Campos construction workers were busy on the other side of town. They're doing a road patch, the cause, heat. "When it get really hot, concrete will raise--it will split," says Denny Schwenk.

Schwenk says workers are taking breaks in the heat and drinking plenty of water. So even though the next few days will be far from Dave and Denny’s ideal working temperatures.

"70 degrees and partly cloudy," says Rindfleisch.

"85 degrees," says Schwenk.

They say, they can safely handle the heat wave.