Village to Listen to Neighbors' Concerns About Storm Debris

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When Machesney Park resident Jeane Davis looked outside Wednesday morning, she noticed her front yard in complete shambles.

"A lot of expense if we have to hire someone to do it, to remove this stuff, and we're on a fixed income, so it's pretty difficult," Davis said.

Davis and her family are still cleaning up debris five days after the stateline is pounded by heavy wind and thunderstorms and wind. The storm damage has dozens of Machesney neighbors concerned, concerns which will be heard out and discussed at Monday's Public Works Committee.

"Many people don't have the money to get rid of the debris and have it moved away, so that's something the village is going to have to address in the near future," Machesney Park trustee Mark Sorrentino said.

While the village does not pay for debris clean up and removal on private property, trustee Mark Sorrentino will suggest two ideas on Monday. One will be to let residents burn their debris, and the other will be offsetting the costs with grant dollars.

"We have people of modest means. They don't have the money to do all this, so maybe we can get a grant to help with some entity or another, and make it happen for them," Sorrentino said.

Meanwhile, the Davis family is hoping the village can give something back for its residents that give so much each year.

"After all the years my parents have been paying in taxes, it would be nice to get some assistance even it's on their own personal property," Joyce Pearson said, a village still cleaning up a storm mess, and looking at different ways to cover an expensive bill.