Army Liaison Team Ready to Go

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The 244th army liaison team from Machesney Park is preparing to deploy for a possible war with Iraq. They will be moving out next Saturday.

The 244th was training for their mission this weekend.

Sgt. Lacy Lifka-Nelson will be deploying next Saturday with the rest of her unit as soldiers across the country prepare for possible military action. Her unit will assist allied forces to try and eliminate miscommunication.

Lifka-Nelson is part of the 244th army liaison team that will try and eliminate barriers that exist between different command structures.

Last year two National Guard F16s on routine patrol over Afghanistan saw live fire and thought it was aimed at them. One of the pilot's requested permission to fire but was denied. As the two F-16s made a second pass, the wingman saw ground fire again and dropped a 500-pound bomb killing five Canadian troops below. Lack of communication this unit wants to avoid.

For most of this team this will be their first deployment. Something Lifka-Nelson says will be the hardest part of her mission.

The 244-th army liaison team is a new outfit that was developed after the gulf war. They are one of four outfits in the country that are trained to facilitate information to allied troops.