Sweltering Season Has Doctors Pleading Caution In The Heat

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For Swedish-American doctor Michael Polka, as the mercury rises outside during this steamy season, so do the serious heat cases inside the emergency room.

"The things that we see are a definite increase in heat related illnesses, and everything to mild sunburns, extreme sunburns, to even heat exhaustion and heat stroke," Polka said.

Heat stroke is the biggest concern during the dog days of summer, a problem with symptoms often combined from steady heat and steady activity.

"Any athlete not replenishing fluids adequately, who basically seems exhausted, tired red. Hotter than normal sweating, or losing the ability to sweat is very concerning," Polka said.

To combat these serious heat cases, Polka advises a pre-emptive attack to the hot weather, namely, a steady dosage of H2O.

"If you're going to be outside you want to make sure you have sun block on, make sure you have areas of shading you can get into for periods of time. Plenty of fluids, plenty of water and ways to cool down," Polka said.

While daily exercise is still important doctors advise people to cut down on strenuous exercises, a lesson taken to heart by most exercisers at Sinnissippi Park.

"The humidity, you're sweating, it's just really uncomfortable right now, so you just try to keep your walk going on you, say "well, I'm not going to walk as far beacuse of much sweaty," Ken Chase said.

Important tips to follow in keeping the sweat down, and your health up during this sweltering Stateline season.