A Little Rain, But The Drought Continues

We received 0.54 inches of rain today officially at the Rockford Airport Wednesday. That may not sound like a lot of rain but it is twice as much rainfall as we received the entire three weeks prior.

Because of the severe to extreme drought conditions over half of Illinois cornfields are considered to be in poor or very poor conditions. The next biggest crop in Illinois is soybeans, which are a little more resilient to spring and early summer droughts. Still over 35 percent of soybeans are in poor or very poor conditions. Corn is especially vulnerable to drought right now as it has tasseled out and is concentrating its energy on producing the corncobs. Fields are suffering so much from dry conditions that some corn stalks won’t even have one cob of corn on them.

With today's added rain we have now received 0.79 inches of rain this month. On average Rockford receives over four inches of rain in July.