Greenlee Strike Reaches One Week with No Movement on Either Side

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While Greenlee officials and union members disagree on who needs to make the next negotiation move, both sides share an optimism they could meet before the end of the work week.

Union members of machinists local 1553 continue to sit or picket 24 hours a day outside Greenlee headquarters. A Greenlee spokesperson tells 23 News he's not surprised there's been little bargaining movement, since similar labor stoppages usually take time.

While regular machinists picket outside, management is filling in with temporary salary workers inside, which management admits is affecting production.

Both sides say new negotiations are possible before the week's end - that is, if one side emerges from the stalemate with a new offer.

"Well, it's real important you know. Nobody wants to be in this situation, so the best thing we can do is wait for the move from them. It's in their court, as soon as they contact us, we're ready to talk," union member Billy Broughton said.

Health coverage and prescription access remain the biggest hurdles for both sides to overcome. Greenlee management argues their offer last week is comparable to its seven other US locations.