A New Kidney and a New Family

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It's been two days now since a five-year-old Rockford girl received a new kidney from a man who answered a desperate mother's plea in a local want ad.

On Sunday, the donor David Harper is beginning to walk as he recovers from donating his kidney on Friday. Harper donated to five-year-old Angela Rushford. Harper says the pain he is currently dealing with, is nothing compared to the agony of waiting after his surgery. He was anxious to hear how Angela was doing.

The Rushford's say it is Angela who is really touched. They say when she went into surgery she couldn't wait to get her new kidney. Angela says her kidney came from a man she says has given her another chance to smile.

Both families say that the amount of media of attention their story has received has been exhausting. They just want the world to know how important organ donation is, and they say that they hope they gave that cause a voice.

While Angela Hartford is recovering, the family is dealing with a lot of bills that are piling up. In fact as part of their financial struggle the bank is foreclosing on their house to pay off the many medical debts they have accrued. Friends have started a fund to help the family. If you would like to donate a fund has been set up at the National City Bank on West State Street in Rockford.