Refugees In The Stateline

With the shirts on their back and very little more the Crecca family fled the city of New Orleans.

"We left everything, all the baby stuff my daughters school stuff, everything," sobbed Christi Crecca.

The family was evacuated from their home on a military base in downtown New Orleans on Saturday. When the Crecca's left, many of their friends and neighbors said they had been through it many times and planned to stay.

"She said this happens all the time every year they didn’t seem to care,” said Christi about her conversation with a friend.

As they left, the family heard words of warning, but the expressway was eerily quiet. Less than a day later the Crecca's neighbors were panicking as they ran into tens of thousands of motorists inching along the highway trying to flee the city. What has happened to their neighbors and their house they can only guess.

For now the family is staying with relatives in Rockton, where their children can attend school. Kathryn 10 has been hit the hardest in the family. Isiah, only three years old, seems too young to understand this life changing event.