Cheap Trick and Alice Cooper Are On the Water Front

Some came for the band that started in Rockford in the late sixties. Others came for one of the first cross-dressing makeup wearing shock rockers this country has seen. Either way they all came to on the water front for rock and roll.

It is interesting to see the different kinds of people attracted to the on the waterfront concert. Young and old, many wore t-shirts to support their band. Phyllis (Aunt) and Mia (Niece) came mostly for Cheap Trick, but Alice Cooper will be a new experience for one who remembers him from high school and one who is still a few years out from high school

Being a home town favorite many concert goers have seen Cheap Trick several times, but they still keep coming. Others are most exited to see a man named Alice.

One this is for sure, Cheap Trick never disappoints, especially in Rockford. And neither did Alice Cooper.