Area Senior Citizen Takes Ride Of A Lifetime

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"I'm sitting in a greenhouse here that I've always wanted to sit in, and have a good pilot. We'll have a good flight," Dick Myrland said.

For 82-year-old Dick Myrland, it's the ultimate ride of a lifetime, cruising in the cockpit of a unique World War II Warbird for the first time.

"This has been a fantasy for me. I've been harboring this fantasy for so long and now it's come true," Myrland said.

Myrland took to the skies as part of the Never Too Late program, a program which fulfills senior citizens lifelong dreams. The flight is especially significicant, since Myrland was injured in a drunken driving accident, and was never able to serve in World War II.

"I wanted to fly in the military, and I feel I was cheated from that when I had the accident. Maybe I wouldn't have made it - the war stopped lots of young men who didn't make it - but at least I would have been able to try," Myrland said.

Assisting with the flying reins was longtime United pilot Rick Sigfried, who jumped at opportunity to co-pilot and show Myrland a few loops and twists up in the sky.

"We didn't get too hard on him on holding altitude and things of that sort. He got to turn and take it where he wanted it to go. He did a great job," Sigfried said.

And after touching down, Myrland admits he's now a believer that it's better late than never to experience life's new heights.

"I'm ready to meet my maker. If he takes me tomorrow, I'll go," Myrland said.