Staying Cool...and Conserving Energy

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The weather the past few weeks has been, in a word, toasty and Melissa Neuman has been trying to keep her two her young children cool in the sweltering heat.

"We're eating lots of popsicles, and they can swim in the little pool in the backyard," says Neuman.

But the majority of the time, Melissa is keeping the kids indoors in the comfort of the air-conditioning, and Keith Anderson with Axberg Heating says there are ways to cool your home and conserve energy without breaking a monetary sweat.

Check your filters once a month and keep doors to the outside firmly closed.

"Keep lights off and curtains closed. Set thermostat temperature around 78 degrees to keep the humidity out," says Anderson.

"If you're still too hot at that setting, we suggest that you use fans, cheaper than running the compressor," says ComEd External Affairs Manager Paul Callighan.

And make sure to prune back shrubs and remove debris that may block airflow to the air-conditioner. Paul Callighan of ComEd says customers can also save money by joining Nature First; the program gives customers a rebate in exchange for allowing ComEd to interrupt the air conditioner’s compressors in 15 or 30 minute segments.

A few tips to stay cool, and save money, during this hot spell. To find out about ComEd's Nature First program or more energy savings tips, visit You can also call 1-800-EDISON-1.