Motor Fuel Sales Tax

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"These gas prices are probably going to put the finishing touches on the new recession, and it could lead us into the new depression by 2006," says Dale Morris.

Consumers are outraged as the pain at the pump becomes almost unbearable. Senator Dave Syverson say we've entered the crisis stage and there's only one short term solution to bring the prices down.

"I've written a letter to the Governor and legislative leaders, urging them to call a special session immediately repealing sales tax on motor fuel," says State Sen. Dave Syverson.

Since January, the sales tax on motor fuel in the state has increased by 60 percent.

"The problem is, as the prices of fuel goes up, so does the tax," says Syverson.

Senator Syverson says the state is tax gouging the citizens of Illinois. In fact, the state has taken in 75 million dollars more in sales tax revenue then had initially been budgeted for.

Sen. Syverson says a repeal of the tax would save us between 12-15 cents a gallon. The tax was also suspended for 6 months back in 2000.

"I think we should keep this going until prices drop below $2 a gallon, but for a minimum of 6 months.

"If the senator or anyone could help us, it would be great for the average person and I think he will get a good blessing from those guys," says P&P Gas Station Owner Haresh Parekh.

But Syverson says this is only a short term solution. In the long run, he says the country must expand domestic production of oil and build new refineries...

"I'm just hoping someone listens to the complaints of the average person because we can't afford this," says Anna Errico.