A Medical Problem With No Answers

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A Christmas tree sits in the living room. Attached, ornaments of 3-year-old Kaityln Steines.

Kaityln was born just like any other healthy child, full of energy, full of life, but last august, an unexpected change.

Violent seizures began to happen. Now, Kaitlyn can have up to 100 seizures a day. She can't walk, or even speak. Medications are doing nothing and doctors are left with no answers.

The Steines family is now sending out a video to doctors across the country, documenting their daughter’s health problems.

For the past year and a half, doctors from Rockford Memorial Hospital, all the way to Childrens Memorial Hospital in Chicago have worked to find a medical explanation.

As the family holds on to the hope that someone will know what is wrong with Kaitlyn, they say they are considering other forms of fighting whatever it is that's destroying their daughter's life.