Roy Gayle Park Leaders Taking Ball Fields Owners To Court

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Roy Gayle’s seven ball fields will soon be the source of not a ballgame, but a courtroom battle, as area leaders look to preserve pony baseball here at Roy Gayle.

Since 1962, Roy Gayle’s seven ball fields have united thousands of kids with the national pastime.

But the park's future has been up in the air in recent years after Roy Gayle’s three offers to purchase the field fell way short of SCI’s asking price.

That's why Roy Gayle officials are taking SCI to court, to try and purchase the land at a price they hope is more reasonable.

Tuesday night, Roy Gayle leaders will update parents and the public on fundraising and the upcoming eminent domain battle.

They stress the expected $25,000 in legal fees will not come from private donations, but from the park's general operating expenses.

"We're fighting for the kids of Rockford Pony Baseball. They've asked us to go toe to toe with SCI, a two billion dollar company. We have a $150,000 annual budget, so we're going to keep fighting until we get this done, and unfortunately it has gone to eminent domain, but they forced our hand on this," Pony fundraising chairman Mike Broski said.

Nearly 1,200 boys and girls play pony league baseball and softball.

Roy Gayle recently reached its fundraising goal of $500,000 dollars to purchase the land.