Hurricane Katrina, Upcoming Holiday Prices Affecting Area Gas Stations

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Katrina's impact is being felt in the Stateline: for drivers, and gas station owners alike.

Tom Slater owns Slater's General Store in German Valley. At about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Slater’s gas taps ran dry.

Tuesday morning, Slater called for an 800 gallon order. But, his gas supplier told him they were out because of their allotment. Other area suppliers tell 23 News their gas levels are also lower than normal.

Slater says drivers sucked up nearly 1,400 gallons at his station on Monday, in preparation for expected price hikes this holiday weekend.

Though he's expected to have gas Wednesday, Slater says his empty gas pumps means at least $50 in lost revenue.

"I had no idea they were on allotment or whatever they call it. I thought you could get all you could get, as much as you wanted but evidently not, now that I found today," Slater said.

And there's more bad news. Sources tell us gas prices are expected to go up by as much as 46 cents Wednesday.