Cock Fighting Ring Found

Cock fighting is a fairly common illegal activity in Illinois, but what was found Thursday morning off Montague Rd. was certainly out of the ordinary; more than 400 chickens raised to fight to the death.

Winnebago County Animal Service had received a tip a little over a month ago about possible illegal activity at the site and had the property under surveillance but there was one big problem. No illegal activity could ever be observed from the road and participants in the cock fighting found an alternative entrance to the property.

Found on the property was a pile of burnt debris including 10 chicken carcasses thought to be the losers in the cock fights. Also a possible cock fighting ring strewn with chicken feathers, beer cans, and even blood evidence found by investigators. The resident is in police custody on separate charges so focus is now on the well being of the animals.

Animal services workers and numerous volunteers are currently taking care of the animals. With concerns for the animal’s safety, Winnebago County police will also be guarding the property 24/7. Charges are still pending in this case, which could be one of the worst instances of animal abuse in the county's history.