Police Party

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The shots were an early Friday morning wake up call for many living around the prospect neighborhood. Many said that they have been questioning who is really protecting our community.

Initially neighbors say they didn't know that a Rockford Police officer was involved in the early morning party incident. Jim Pipitone lives two doors away from where Rockford police believe officer "Bay" Tamarath fired at least six shots.

Pipitone said that he assumed that "Bay,” one of two police officers that live in the house on Prospect would protect and serve.

Mark Degutas lives directly across the alley from where the shots were fires and wonders how close the bullets could have come to his three kids.

Mark says one of the bullets could have entered his house.

Rockford Mayor Doug Scott who also lives in the neighborhood says this will not be tolerated.

He says this can't happen in his neighborhood or anywhere else.