Beloit Casino Project

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With the results of a comment period being released, supporters of the project feel they may be nearing the end of the long road...and hoping the thumbs up for the project is on the horizon.

It's been a tedious game of cards for Beloit casino supporters, 6 years of working, waiting, and praying that the proposed 200 million dollar casino would get the green light, and open a "shoe" of possibilities for the community.

"It would have tremendous, tremendous economic impact," says Casino Project Spokesman Joe Hunt.

A public comment period was held several months ago, and the results have been released.

"There were 280 positive comments and 10 opposed," says Hunt.

Casino project spokesman Joe Hunt says one of the opposing comments came from the city of Rockford. Back in February, a letter was submitted by former Rockford mayor Doug Scott. Hunt says the letter talked about the impact the casino would have on Rockford and said the city couldn't support the project. The tribes then commissioned an updated report.

"It basically says what we all know, many of the jobs, in fact 600 jobs, will most likely come from Winnebago County residents. Sixty million dollars in economic impact and we've opened up dialogue with Mayor Morrissey. Next week we're going to meet with the EDC," says Hunt.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs will now include all of the pubic responses in its final study.

"It's basically in the BIA's court--hope they can quickly make determination so we can take it to the Governor's Desk," says Hunt.

The casino, which would be built on 65 acres of land, would create 3,000 new jobs, and generate about 145 million dollar for Beloit during the first ten years