Two Sisters' Tragic Loss And Their Community’s Response

Jennifer Yates 18, and sister Stephanie 16, were recently robbed of their parents in a car accident. But as these two young women struggle with their loss, local community members are trying to make sure they don't have to struggle with finances and food.

Friends of the Yates family have set up the Yates Memorial Fund and Food Plan. The Yates sisters have very few family members in the area and will be taking care of themselves. With property taxes and car payments due friends of Jennifer and Stephanie are asking for your help. One program will include funding and preparing a food plan, so the girls have one less thing to worry about.

If you would like to donate money to the Yates sisters, you can stop by any Alpine Bank location, there will also be a booth set up at Cherry Valley days near the security tent. Or you can call Kim to help with the food program at 229-6907.