Greenlee Machinists Pull the Trigger, Decide to Strike

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After nearly a month of negotiations and two rejected contracts, Greenlee Machinists pull the trigger and decide to strike, a labor stoppage which will officially begin in two hours.

Greenlee management tells 23 News leaders of Machinists Local 1553 decided to go forward with the strike late Wednesday afternoon.

It comes after members strongly reject the company's latest contract offer by a vote of 116 to 45.

Health care coverage remains the biggest contract hurdle.

Greenlee officials defend the latest offer, arguing the healthcare coverage is the same as seven other U.S. Greenlee locations.

But workers say the offer wasn't good enough, and as a result, they will strike starting at midnight.

"We're hoping it's a short strike that the company will want to back to work as soon as possible, because we have customers we have to satisfy. On the other hand, we don't want to lose business. We know that. They know that," Greenlee employee Audra Kaufman said.

Greenlee and union officials have agreed to set a schedule for further negotiations.

While there is no firm date, Greenlee leaders tell 23 News the two sides could go back to the bargaining table early next week.