Area Residents Support Mother Protesting Her Son's Death in Texas

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Across the nation Wednesday night, 1,500 vigils are taking place in support of Cindy Sheehan’s cause, a support base which reached from Crawford, Texas, to Rochelle, Illinois.

About 30 people from Rockford, Sycamore and elsewhere in the Stateline came together to honor Sheehan.

They praised her bravery, and sympathized with the mourning of her son.

Sheehan lost her 24-year-old son Casey in April after a grenade attack in Baghdad.

Since she set up 11 days ago, her Crawford protest has brought other families alongside. However, other parents of fallen soldiers criticized her protest as a negative depiction of America.

Those in Rochelle, however, stand in support of Sheehan, and her standing up to ask the tough questions.

"She's just out saying all the things and getting the answers for all of us, for why the people are out there and what is the reason for this and when are they going to come home," Carolyn Watson said.

"We should all just stand in our front yards and gather and support all across the country for Cindy Sheehan because nobody should ever have to suffer the loss of her kid," Cindy Perez said.

Now, in Crawford Texas not everyone is in joining in Cindy Sheehan’s protest.

In the last 48 hours, unhappy residents set up their own vigil, in support of the troops, and the U.S.-led cause to liberate Iraqis from Saddam Hussein.