Roscoe Man Leads Police on Car Chase Across State Lines

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A Roscoe man faces charges in two states after speeding away from a traffic stop. In the process 23-year-old Michael Deckard hit a sheriff’s deputy with his car door.

Around 2:00 am Wednesday, a Winnebago County Sheriffs Deputy pulled Deckard over on a suspicion he may be driving under the influence. Deckard sped off going north on Highway 76 toward the Stateline.

Rock County Sheriffs Department used a tire deflation device to slow him down. Deckard proceeded into Beloit with Rock and Winnebago County Deputies in pursuit.

He eventually crashed into a light pole and was arrested after a brief foot chase.
Deckard faces charges of recklessly endangering safety and fleeing an officer in Rock County.

Beloit and Winnebago County are expected to charge him as well.