CeaseFire Neighborhood Meeting

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Tuesday night at the Salvation Army, residents and outreach workers united as one with a common goal, reducing the nonsense and negatives in their neighborhoods.

Ceasefire director Ralph Hawthorne pleaded for residents to get more involved in making their streets a safer and more positive place.

The group outlined their non-violence goals, and how community members can join in and hit home the consequences and risks of gang and gun violence. However, only about a dozen members showed up to the event, a fact which discouraged organizers and residents alike.

Despite that, those in attendance felt good about what they heard, and are ready to take an aggressive approach against aggressive acts of violence.

"Unless we come together as one we're going to constantly have this shooting day after day, and it's amazing your kids are out playing. It doesn't matter whether it's night or day, a bullet doesn't have any eyes," Cathy Brown said.

Ceasefire will host another neighborhood meeting with residents next at Lewis Lemon Global Studies Academy. Leaders hope to host similar meetings at least once a month throughout area neighborhoods.