Horse Rescue Looks for Help

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In tight economic times humans aren't the only one who are affected.

Shawnee Hysmith has her work cut out for her, she runs this roscoe horse rehab and rescue. Demand has been so great she's had to take another full-time job to support the farm.

"Most of the horses lately are coming from people losing their jobs and they can't afford to keep them. So we have ex race horses, ex hunter jumpers, trail horses. We have just about everything here,” Hysmith says.

Horses end up at the Creekside Rescue and Rehab for many reasons, whether their owners cannot feed them, they're injured or like beauty here who suffered from a life threatening virus.

"There's a big need for rescue in this area. This is big, big horse country,” says Hysmith.

With the help of volunteers and donations, Hysmith is meeting that need the best she can. But her stables are filling fast as the economy limps along and winter sets in.

"W are in desperate need of hay, grain. People who are just willing to brush the horses. I can't afford hay now to feed them so I can't take anymore but it's so hard to turn them away,” she adds.

Creekside is in the process of receiving its non-profit status which will allow it to seek federal grants.

Creekside Stables Rehab & Rescue 815-623-6784. You can help by donating hay, helping ay for vet bills, or adopting a horse. Call 815-623-6784.