City Council Listens to Proposed Daytime Curfew, Littering Ordinances

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For Mayor Morrissey’s team, the littering and daytime curfew ordinances carry out a campaign promise to tackle quality-of-life issues, and send a message of order in keeping truant teens and mounting trash off city streets.

The ordinances, crafted by the city's legal department, will be discussed at next Monday’s codes and regulations meeting.

The littering ordinance would prohibit leaving litter on public or private property. If convicted of a violation, the city would assess a fine between $100 and $500, and up to 10 hours of public service on a first offense.

For daytime curfews, any person under the age of 18 would face fines and public service work if found in public areas during school hours.

City officials believe the ordinances will restore respect in Rockford, and eventually help in luring new business to town.

"While these littering issues doesn't seem to attach those issues to it, while a curfew doesn't seem to attack all those issues, in fact by taking care of the small issues over time, the large issues will solve themselves in a better economic environment," Rockford legal director Patrick Hayes said.

The city's codes and regulations committee could send the litter and daytime curfew ordinances for a full city council vote next Monday, or lay the plans over for additional discussion.