Fake Money Gets Through Cash Registers at Area Businesses

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Money counterfeiters are no longer just snipping off and replacing a bill's corners. In this day and age, police and storeowners are fighting against a fake money system that's easier to produce, and harder to detect.

A Logli employee tells 23 News they received a fake paper copy of a $20 bill in the pizzeria of one of their stores.

The officer on that scene said similar fake bills were recovered at Home Depot and Target in the last week. Rockford Police Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro says larger businesses with longer lines are often counterfeit targets.

Detectives say the number of fake bills have skyrocketed in recent years, with computers and high quality color printers able to better duplicate counterfeit money.

Area police will notify storeowners in an area that's being targeted for counterfeiting, but say a watchful eye is the best defense.

"It's basically educating their employees to be on the lookout for something that doesn't look right, but some of those bills are very high quality, which are very difficult to spot. Some of them feel differently than regular money," Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro said.

Area police say they work closely with the Secret Service in combating counterfeit bills. If you find a suspicious bill, the Secret Service advises you to compare that bill to another bill and look for any differences, especially in the border and in the portrait.