2003 Brings New Laws

More than 80 new laws are now in the books for people in Illinois to follow. From construction fines, to being able to pray in public schools, the New Year has brought in new laws into the books that we all have to pay attention to.

The state has come up with a way to raise money to hire off duty state troopers to patrol construction zones. Now anyone who is caught speeding in those zones will be charged $50 more than the old rate. It used to be that a first time offender was charged $150 and $300 for repeat offenders.

The construction industry had the highest number of workplace deaths due mostly to driver distraction. Another change, now Illinois Drivers Licenses' and Identification Cards of those under 21 will now display the date the person turns 18 or 21 above their photo.

Law enforcement officials say that should boost their compliance rates and make it easier to know who should be sold tobacco and alcohol products.