City Aldermen, Residents Excited About Upcoming Lowe's Distribution Decision

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It's difficult to find Rockford residents against using this flowing farmland in growing the city's manufacturing base.

"I think it's a good opportunity for something like that to come to Rockford. A lot of people need jobs. I know I need one, so I think it's a good opportunity," Sonya Pearson said.

"There's probably a lot of people that would be happy to have that kind of job in Rockford, there's probably a lot of higher level jobs. Any kind of job that can get people off the streets is a good thing for Rockford," Lance Bacilek said.

Only a full city council vote, which could happen either this or next Monday, stands in the way of construction for the Lowe's distribution site as early as next month. City aldermen agree the jobs boom goes beyond the 500 plus to be added inside the facility.

"This is like Christmas in July. Just a wonderful opportunity. It will create jobs for the construction industry, good union jobs and full-time jobs for the constituents of Rockford," 9th Ward Alderman Lenny Jacobsen said.

"These other areas are going to take contractors and carpenters and all other skills, so those things are happening that bring in brand new dollars, and the permanent jobs that follow is all good," 10th Ward Alderman Frank Beach said.

City leaders also credit the recent extension of Harrison Avenue near Bypass 20 in making Rockford's infrastructure more appealing, and proving location, location, location equals jobs, jobs, jobs.

"It was something we had looked at doing several years ago, and I'm glad we did it because now it affords us the opportunity to open that Southwest Corridor," Jacobsen said.

A corridor which in just days, could begin a huge job transformation, and a huge manufacturing rebound for the Forest City.