Area Bus Transit Passengers Respond To London Terrorist Attacks

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Though one of the four bombs detonated in Thursday’s attack in London came on a bus, most Rockford bus passengers say they feel as comfortable as ever making their cross-city commute.

Most riders say pretty much everything remains the same after Thursday’s British terrorist attack, however, riders do admit they have a more watchful eye for suspicious passengers, or any suspicious bags left unattended.

While their average ride might be unchanged, the passengers admit the attacks proves terrorism can happen anywhere. Because of that, riders promise they'll be on a continued lookout to ensure they're comfortable and safe while on the bus.

"If you don't look for nothing, you won't find nothing. You know, if something look unusual to you, quite naturally you're going to notice, and do something about it," passenger Annie Townsend said.

At the state level, on Saturday, Governor Rod Blagojevich assigned more than one million dollars in additional homeland security funding.

With the national threat level raised to orange, the dollars will assist the Chicago Transit Authority, Metra and Saint Louis Area Metro East Transit and their added security costs.